Welcome to the home of Gorilla Bench and Gorilla Bench Training Center.

GorillaBench.com was formed out of a love for lifting. It comes from an absolute enjoyment of getting into the gym and hitting it as hard as you can and trying to better yourself. That being said, what GorillaBench.com is becoming is really being formed right in front of your eyes. What started as a website to make a sponsor happy has turned into a lifting team, a world class strength facility and so much more. Our direction is the wants, goals, and desires of those who are representing our brand and our members. We know when we see a fellow Gorilla that they are going to work hard, whether it be squats or stones, flexing or farmers, poses or pulls, benching or doing muscle ups, that they love doing it, whether an 114lb female powerlifter or a 300lb strongman.

We are excited to announce the release of both the GorillaBench and GirillaBench apparel lines. These are high quality, great looking designs chosen by lifters. The brands have been separated to recognize the different needs that women have in fitness clothing than men, but still connected in quality and values.

GorillaBench has proudly sponsored athletes and had teams compete in physique competitions, powerlifting, strongman, bikini fitness, and cross fit competitions. But was does it mean to be a part of GorillaBench? Simply that a person loves to lift, loves being in the gym and the camaraderie they get training with like-minded hard chargers. Our facility members represent this at the highest level; you do not have to compete to train at GBTC, but you have to train like you compete.

We hope to develop our brand into a resourse for recreational lifters trying to better themselves, powerlifters and strongmen looking to break their own personal records, and elite level lifters who are hoping to set or break state, national, and world records for weightlifting. Our goal is to provide training plans, nutrition plans, contest prep info, contest strategy info, and a salute to those who are the best of our sport, and those who just love to lift and provide motivation for the rest of us!

Part of our mission here at GorillaBench is to give back. If you know a group of kids or sports team that would be interested in a clinic or how to session, please feel free to contact us.

GorillaBench.com is the brain child of Richard Ficca, an avid powerlifter who is nationally ranked in powerlifting and hoping to work his way into the national rankings for all three lifts and his total. Richard currently owns Florida and National records in USPA, Raw United and SPF federations and is really just beginning to compete and looking to share his experience and lessons learned here with you. Thanks for visiting, enjoy our site and then get your ass back to the gym!


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